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Perfectly Packed Lunches

You've already eaten your healthy vegetarian breakfast, but now lunchtime is looming. How will you get your energy for the afternoon? Many people rely on store-bought lunches, soggy sandwiches with limp lettuce. We think you can do better! Whether you're packing a lunch for yourself, a partner, or wee one, you all deserve the utmost in flavour and nutrition. Here are some of our favourite mid-day meals:

Veg and Dips

First, load up on fresh veg! Easy enough, just prep your veg ahead of time and you've got a great side dish or snack. Try to get all the colours of the rainbow for real veg variety. You can also whip up some healthy dips! These also make outstanding sandwich spreads.

The Sandwich

We've recently had a discussion on Twitter about the sandwich you would want if you were stranded on a desert island. Mine is a homemade cheddar and chutney on wholewheat. Avocado and hummus proved very popular with our foodie friends. I recommend trying to make your own bread, when you have time. 


The goal here is to make a salad you are looking forward to all morning. Not watery lettuce, flavourless tomato, and unhealthy dressing, oh no! Your salad should have all kinds of good things in it: seasonal veg and fruit, tofu and tempeh, lentils, chickpeas, beans, quinoa, nuts, seeds, and anything else your healthy heart desires. This should be filling as much as nutritious and delicious so if you're going for a one-bowl wonder, make sure you include some whole grains and pulses in the mix. You can browse our salad recipes, but here are some that illustrate our salad philosophy:

And here's one last top tip from our social media superstar Monica Shaw from SmarterFitter: make your packed lunches fun by serving them in a cool lunchbox! In her pre-Demuths days, Monica used a bento box from to bring her city lunches to life. We are told that vegetarian sushifried tofu, and Japanese goma-ae were regular fixtures!