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Sweetcorn in Season

Eating sweetcorn is tinged with memories of tinned sweetcorn served as a vegetable for school diners, but really fresh sweetcorn is heartily delicious. Here's a few top tips and recipes for fresh sweetcorn to get you cooking with this late summer delight!

How to buy sweetcorn

Buy as fresh as you can, pick fresh and cook at once or buy from farmers market or local greengrocers where it has been picked that morning.

After picking, the sugars turn to starch and it gets a mealy quality rather then a crisp sweet quality. You can tell when the sweetcorn is ripe as the hairy top will have gone brown, pull a little of the husk away and you are looking for the colour to be a bright yellow, not pale and not golden, pale will be under ripe and golden over ripe.

You can tell how fresh it is by looking at the stem end, if it’s very dry and the husk is withered leave alone look for green husk and fresh looking cut stem.

How to prepare sweetcorn

To boil, strip off the husk and rub off any hairy bits and plunge into boiling water for 7 minutes, you want to keep the crispness, then eat how ever you like with butter is traditional, but I like some shoyu! Jo likes hers with chilli.

Roasted sweetcorn with chilli and lime:

Take one cob per person and strip off the leaves and strands. Finely chop one clove of garlic and fresh or dried chilli to taste. Add the zest of a lime and rub all over the cobs. Place under a grill, on a bbq or in the oven and cook for approx 10 minutes until golden and fragrant. When cooked to your taste squeeze over more lime juice and season well with salt and pepper and chopped coriander.

Try these yummy sweetcorn recipes:

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