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​Demuths Indulgent Vegan Cookery Course Review, Veggielicious, March 2018

For a sneak peak at our Indulgent Vegan Cookery Course, check out this review by Mandy of the blog Veggielicious.

We started by making the brioche dough. Brioche is an enriched bread dough usually made with eggs and butter. Our teacher showed us how to make a vegan version using apple purée and olive oil instead. This dough was to be used for our burger buns and for the doughnuts and let me tell you that it was incredible. Even the non-vegans on the course thought that this was amazing bread.

You can read the rest of the review (and our delicious recipe for Beetroot Aduki Bean Burgers) on her website: Demuths Indulgent Vegan Cookery Course Review.