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Puffball Mushroom Recipes

I was in the Cotswolds last weekend and found some amazing giant puffball mushrooms, the first I've found for over 10 years! It must be a good year for them. They're as large as pillows and weigh upwards of three kilos. With puffballs like these, you need lots of friends to share. Pick them as soon as you can because they grow quickly, and also get eaten by slugs very quickly.

I think the best way to cook a giant puffball is to slice it into thick "steaks" and fry til golden and crisp on the outside. I also add chunks of puffball to a tomato and pepper sauce to fill an over-sized courgette (it's a good time of year for those, as well). 

Giant Puffball Mushrooms

Some folks from the Twittersphere offered their suggestions:

Aaron Turpin of Room for a Radish shared a lovely childhood story, and we love the notion of a "forager's breakfast": "As a kid my dad and i would go mushrooming at dawn. If we found a puffball we ate that for breakfast...Cut into 1cm slices, and fry with eggs for a delicious forager's breakfast."

Amrit Row of had this clever idea: "Puffball souffle.....chop finely, make a souffle mix with nutmeg and parmesan, bake at 200C for 1/2 hr. Delicious!"

Matthew Beardshall from The Wild Garlic restaurant in Nailsworth likes it the same way we do: "it has to be a nice thick slice and cook it like a rare steak! Hot pan, finish with butter and let it rest."

Nicky Bender says "They make the most fab soup. As they don't have gills it stays a lovely colour. Very mushroomy :0)"

@scullyx100 suggests "slice thickly dredge in beaten egg and breadcrumbs/Parmesan and fry in butter."

A few more puffball mushroom recipes from around the web:

Has anyone else found puffballs? What do you like to do with them?


Carrie on 16th Sep 2016 said:

I get so frustrated when I find that the puffballs have been stamped on. Also field mushrooms suffer from this too.

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Chris at Demuths on 19th Sep 2016 said:

It is incredibly frustrating - all that deliciousness wasted!

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Cat on 25th Oct 2016 said:

Yesterday, I saw too many to count, while foraging, that had been stomped or grabbed up & thrown… it made me sad. If they only knew how much delicious and glorious food they were wasting… It made my bestie and I extremely saddened.

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Carrie on 7th Nov 2016 said:

A dry October has meant very few pickings in the north east of England. Hope for better conditions next autumn.

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Paula on 19th Sep 2016 said:

Cut into 1-2inch cubes. Cut bacon into pieces, fry both in oil with crushed garlic until bacon cripsy - turning mushroom regularly.  Add a little port toward end.  . You can also coat some or all of the cubes in flour, egg and herby bradcrumbs and cook same way - although leave out port or crumbs wont crisp.  Serve with crispy salad.

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Chris at Demuths on 19th Sep 2016 said:

We’d leave the bacon out, obviously,  but coating puffball cubes with herby breadcrumbs is a delicious way to eat them!

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Phil on 20th Sep 2017 said:

I’ve been looking for one of these for ages. Since they seem to be growing more frequently lately I might get out to the local nature reserve and have a look.. I make soup every week and this would be a great addition.

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david on 24th Aug 2019 said:

Just been to the Beastival in the Cotswolds and on the way out found a massive one, about twice the diameter of a football and miraculously undamaged considering thousands of festivalgoers had walked past it!

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