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Make your own….

Perfect your skills on our ‘Make your own…’ series of evening classes. 

Join us and learn how to make your own.... 

Sushi (Wednesday 15th April)

Gyoza (Wednesday 22nd April)

Bao Buns (Wednesday 29th April) 

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Make your own...Sushi 

We will show you how to:

  • cook perfect sushi rice
  • prepare various fillings
  • roll and cut sushi in different styles – maki, nigiri and California rolls
  • make the perfect dipping sauce

Make your own....Gyoza

We will inform you on the best type of wrappers to buy and use for the perfect gyoza, show you 3 different delicious fillings and you will spend time perfecting the shaping and different cooking styles of your gyoza. We will serve up dipping sauces to go with them.

Gyoza will include:

  • Yaki Gyoza with Shiitake mushroom, ginger and garlic (pan-fried potstickers)
  • Sui Gyoza with Tofu, miso, and spring onion (boiled)
  • Age Gyoza with chinese leaf, beansprouts (deep-fried)

Make your own... Bao Buns

On this evening course we will show you how to make and shape the dough, then steam and fill the buns, all the hints and traditional techniques to help them come out perfectly every time.

Fillings will include:

  • Miso-glazed carrots with sesame
  • Sticky tofu and aubergine strips with pickled carrot and mouli
  • Marinated garlic mushrooms tempeh and spring onion

The classes are a combination of demonstration and hands on participation, each running from 6.30pm to 9pm. 

We will finish with meal of all the dishes we have made and you will go home with a comprehensive set of recipes.