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Morning walk in hills above Galaroza

I was lucky to have a long weekend in Andalucia. I stayed up in the hills and was cooked for which was bliss. As a vegetarian, eating out in Spain is limiting - at the local tapas bar in Galaroza, the choice was Tortilla or tortilla. Even the Russian Salad and Empanadillas were made with tuna. But I managed to make do...

The local market had freshly picked figs.

Ripe Figs from the local market

The neighbouring farmer brought us bags of green beans,tomatoes and new potatoes to make a simple salad of sweet tomatoes and crisp blanched green beans and potatoes for the tortilla.

]Green Bean & Tomato Salad

Sweet Chestnuts in flower

We walked in the cool mornings: the chestnut trees in full bloom with their dangly tassles, the cork trees with their naked barkless trunks, the fields parched and filled with what I thought was oregano, but may not be as had white flowers rather than pinky purple.

Oregano in flower or what is it

cafe con leche

Stopping off for a café con leche, shopping on the way home and then preparing a late lunch. Lunch is the main meal of the day and eaten from 2pm onwards. We always started with cold Gazpacho.

Salmorejo Gazpacho style dip

With lots of people to feed, a large paella was great for sharing.

Paella Verde

For supper, Tapas, but that was never until 10pm!

You can see more photos from my trip on Flickr.

A few of my favourite vegetarian Spanish recipes:

  • Tortilla de patatas - Traditional Spanish egg and potato tortilla
  • Empanadas - Spanish pastry filled with veggies and chickpeas
  • Salmorejo - A gazpacho-style dip, and vegan too
  • Paella verde - Our take on the classic rice dish full of green veg like asparagus and broad beans


thyme (sarah) on 30th Jul 2012 said:

A wonderful photo tour.  10pm for tapas!  And here we are finished with dinner before 6:30 pm and turning out the lights for the night around 10!  It would be something to adjust to for sure.  I would love to see those cork and hazelnut trees there.

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Rachel on 30th Jul 2012 said:

When it’s so hot it feels natural to make the most of the cooler evenings.

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