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15 Fabulous Harvest Preserves

There is just a whiff of Autumn in the air. The days are slightly shorter, the mornings a little cooler and hedgerows, fields, orchards and gardens are ripe and ready. It's a time of plenty so sterilise some jam jars, gather the harvest and get ready to preserve the flavours of summer! 

Opening a jar of jam or a bottle of cordial on winter's coldest days and releasing the scent and warmth of summer has to be one of the best rewards for time spent in the kitchen.  This week we're sharing recipes for Jams, Jellies and Fruity Beverages with 15 Fabulous Harvest Preserves. You'll find my own favourite plum jam and a glorious selection from some of our favourite food bloggers and websites.  Have you got a recipe which we should be trying this autumn? 

Jams, Jellies and Curds

Christopher's Foolproof Plum Jam from Demuths

Fig and Strawberry Jam from The Veg Space

Apple, Pear and Passion Fruit Chutney from Tinned Tomatoes

Sloe and Crab Apple Hedgerow Jelly from Smarter Fitter

Blackberry and Apple Jam from Thinly Spread

Bramble Jelly from Feeding Boys 

Damson Jam from Fab Food 4 All

Spiced Apple and Rosehip Jelly from Foodie Quine

Blackberry Curd from The Botanical Kitchen

Blackcurrant and Raspberry Jam from Food to Glow

Homemade Fruit Syrups and Liqueurs

Sloe Gin from River Cottage

White Cherry Rum Liqueur from Kavey Eats

Blackberry Whisky from The Crafty Larder

Rose Syrup from Tin and Thyme

Blackcurrant Cassis from The Hedgecombers

Have you got a favourite harvest recipe to share? What is your favourite jam, jelly or fruity beverage? Leave a comment below or come and chat to us on social media!

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janie on 26th Aug 2016 said:

This looks like a proper foragers party! Off to pin it onto my wild food board…
Janie x

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Chris at Demuths on 26th Aug 2016 said:

Thanks Janie - it’s just the best season for foraging isn’t it?!

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Camilla on 26th Aug 2016 said:

Great selection of preserves here - thanks for including my Damson Jam☺

Reply to this comment

Chris at Demuths on 26th Aug 2016 said:

Thanks Camilla - Damsons are a very overlooked seasonal fruit and they are so delicious!

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