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Vegan Pantry
Vegan Pantry
Vegan Pantry
Vegan Pantry

This cookery class will teach you what you need to stock in your pantry to whip up quick, easy and nutritional vegan meals and how to make them.

Course Details

When switching to a plant based diet it can seem a bit overwhelming, knowing what you need to stock up on to create nutritious balanced meals, and how to make the basics without relying on shop bought substitutes. We will guide you through good quality vegan produce to buy in for making basics such as cheeses, egg free batters and mayonnaise and marinades.

We will teach you how easy it is to replace eggs with either aqua faba, flaxseeds or chickpea flour. We will work with all the delicious milk and yoghurt alternatives and make a simple vegan cheese from cashews.

We will show you quick and tasty supper dishes you can easily make using store cupboard essentials such as tofu, tempeh and quinoa and ingredients such as nutritional yeast, fermented foods, tamarin and miso.

The recipes will vary through the seasons, but expect to make dishes such as:

  • Vegetable Picnic Tarts
  • Potato Salad with home-made mayo
  • Turkish pastries with tahini dip
  • Quinoa salad with tofu chips
  • Kimchi stew with tempeh
  • Eton mess

We will finish with a lunch of all the dishes we have made and you will receive a pack with all the recipes and lots of vegan tips.

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Dietary Suitability
  • Vegan
  • Dairy Free

We will happily cater for those who are vegan, gluten-free or have other special dietary requirements. Please let us know ahead of time so we can plan accordingly.

Skill Level
  •   Beginner

Helen Lawrence

About the tutor

Helen is Demuths head tutor and has led the teaching at the school for 8 years. She was Head Chef at Demuths restaurant, a post she filled for 5 years. She is a trained chef and has trained in classical French cooking and is now an expert in Vegan cookery training, also an expert in knife skills and chefs tips. She enjoys the creativity of plant-based and vegan cooking, lifting vegetables to the central position, they deserve in our diets.