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Vegan Cheese evening workshop
Vegan Cheese evening workshop
Vegan Cheese evening workshop
Vegan Cheese evening workshop

Join Lucie Cousins, our fermenting expert, for an evening learning how to make vegan cheeses.

Course Details

.You will learn the techniques to make cheeses and ferments such as:

  • Rejuvelac
  • A base cashew cheese
  • Chèvre style cheese with cranberry and thyme, chilli and lemongrass, a herb crust and Moroccan Spice 
  • Labneh

The evening will be a mixture of demonstration and hands on cooking in small groups, with tips, talking and tasting.

We will finish with a supper of different cheeses with our sourdough bread and salads.

You will go home with a pack of recipes so that you can start making fermented cheeses at home.

Fascinating method and very unique. Lucie is very knowledgeable and her enthusiasm was infectious!

Awesome & delicious. Very informative - Lucie knows her stuff!

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    Dietary Suitability
    • Vegan
    • Dairy Free

    This course is vegan, let us know if you have any other dietary requirements.

    Skill Level
    •   Beginner

    Lucie Cousins

    About the tutor

    Lucie is Head Fermenter at Bath Culture House where she creates artisan and handcrafted raw, vegan and gluten free food and drink. Educated as a biologist, she is a lover of all living things with a particular passion for plant-biology and fungi. 

    Her interest in the ancient art of fermentation began during a career as an award-winning cheese maker on the north Cornish coast. It became clear that honing this craft was her calling, and she left the world of cheese making to pursue it.

    Lucie now teaches the art of fermentation to others as a way to better health through simple, good quality ingredients and probiotic goodness.