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Korean Evening Class
Korean Evening Class
Korean Evening Class

Korean food is hearty, boldly flavoured and nutritious. Looks beautiful and is easy to make, perfect for a tasty supper.

Course Details

Koreans follow the oriental rule of 5 tastes, salt, sweet, sour, hot and bitter: salt from soya sauce and bean paste, sweet from sugar and sweet potatoes, sour from vinegar, hot from chilli peppers and mustard and bitter from ginger.

In addition to the 5 tastes, they follow an arrangement of 5 traditional colours of red, green, yellow, white and black, which will ensure a nutritious variety of ingredients. They also spend time beautifully arranging the food in different colours. Presentation is essential to Korean meals.

Rice (bap) is central to the Korean meal. The word for rice is also the word for a meal. A bowl of steaming rice and a bowl of soup are always served to everyone at the meal, followed by varied shared side dishes. All dishes are served at the same time. There is no concept of separate courses.

Preserving food by pickling, salting and fermenting is a Korean passion with Kimchi being the most famous fermented cabbage side dish.

We will make dishes such as:

  • Japache
  • Stir-fried Sweet Potato Noodles
  • Kim-bap
  • Kim-bap could be described as Korean Sushi, though they are more the equivalent of a sandwich to Koreans, being a popular snack, lunch or picnic food. The flavour is quite different to Japanese sushi rolls, as the rice is dressed with toasted sesame oil.
  • Tteokbokki
    Spicy Rice Cakes
  • Bindaetteok
  • Mung bean and Kimchi Pancakes are perfect for a light snack served with a spicy dipping sauce. Bindaetteok are also dairy, egg and wheat free, making them perfect for vegan and gluten free diets.

The evening will be a mix of demonstration and hands on.

We will finish with a Korean supper of all the dishes we have made and you will go home with a comprehensive set of recipes.

Perfect. Healthy and interesting. Felt good to eat.

Wonderful - lots of new skills and ideas.

Thank you so much for a very enjoyable evening. We're looking forward to trying another of your courses

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Dietary Suitability
  • Vegan
  • Dairy Free

We will happily cater for those who are vegan, gluten-free or have other special dietary requirements. Please let us know ahead of time so we can plan accordingly.

Skill Level
  •   Beginner

Lydia Downey

About the tutor

Lydia is one of our lead tutors and specialises in World cooking.

Lydia comes from a food loving family and learnt to cook from an early age with her Chinese mother. She has spent all her working life involved with food.  Lydia is an excellent teacher, with a wealth of knowledge and creativity to impart alongside a warm personality.