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Healthy Vegan Nutrition

Join TJ Waterfall for a day of healthy vegan cooking, nutrition, fitness tips and lifestyle hacks.

Course Details

TJ Waterfall is a registered nutritionist specialising in vegan nutrition. He is passionate about spreading the vegan message. He's found that helping vegans and vegetarians to get the most out of their diets to become healthier, happier, and fitter is one of the best ways to inspire and motivate others to consider a plant-based diet, which in turn can have a huge impact on saving animals and reducing our impact on the environment.

TJ will guide you on how reach your health and fitness goals and will cover basic nutrition for vegans.

  • The scientific evidence of why a plant-based diet can be incredibly healthy
  • Covering the nutrients that can sometimes be overlooked by vegans
  • Practical advice to ensure we're taking in these key nutrients

For this class he will be working with our chef Helen who will teach you how to make simple but delicious dishes that link to the topics covered in the nutrition workshop.

We will finish with a lunch of all the healthy dishes we have made and you will receive a pack with all the recipes and nutritional information.

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Dietary Suitability
  • Vegan
  • Dairy Free

We will happily cater for those who are vegan, gluten-free or have other special dietary requirements. Please let us know ahead of time so we can plan accordingly.

Skill Level
  •   Beginner