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Fermented Vegan Cheese Workshop
Fermented Vegan Cheese Workshop

Discover how to make fermented nut cheeses. Fermenting foods is an ancient way of preserving and enriching foods and fermented foods. You will learn how to get started with making fermented nut cheeses at home, and the best equipment to use.

Course Details

During the class, we will delve into the world of fermentation. 

You will learn the techniques to make cheeses and ferments such as:

  • Rejuvelac, a wild ferment culture
  • Culturing cashews and producing a base cheese
  • Making a vegan cheese from yoghurt
  • Forming and maturing cheeses
  • Producing a selection of cheeses including a mozzarella style cheese, cranberry and thyme, chevre style and cheddar

The course will be a mixture of demonstration and hands on cooking in small groups, with tips, talking and tasting. 

We will finish with a vegan cheese lunch with seasonal salads and sourdough bread.

You will receive a booklet with all the recipes so that you can get started and make vegan cheeses at home.

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Helen Lawrence

About the tutor

Helen is Demuths head tutor and has led the teaching at the school for 8 years. She was Head Chef at Demuths restaurant, a post she filled for 5 years. She is a trained chef and has trained in classical French cooking and is now an expert in Vegan cookery training, also an expert in knife skills and chefs tips. She enjoys the creativity of plant-based and vegan cooking, lifting vegetables to the central position, they deserve in our diets.