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An Autumnal Pakistani feast with Sumayya Jamil

Come and join us for an inspiring Pakistani cooking day with Sumayya Jamil, best known as Pukka Paki.  Sumayya will soon appear on Madhur Jaffery’s new tv show ‘Curry Nation’, and will have her recipes published in Madhur Jaffery’s new book.
Sumayya is a natural cook, trained by generations of mothers, as she says:
‘I grew up in a family where all the women from my paternal grandmother (Dadi jan), my maternal gran (Nani Mummy) and most of all my mom made traditional family recipes with deep historical roots and most of all they all reinvented and invented recipes every time they were in the kitchen. We all cooked by estimation “andaza” in my family that the best food is cooked that way in the sub-continent especially. Cooking is all about senses and ‘andaza’ is the 6th sense of cooking!’
Pakistani cuisine is known for it’s meaty dishes but not many know that there are some delightful regional vegetarian dishes which have roots in the kitchens of the Mughal emperors and local Pakistani cooking traditions; the latter having further developed since the partition of the Indian sub-continent. These dishes are always cooked with fresh seasonal vegetables using fragrant whole spices such as carom seeds, aniseed, mustard seeds, fenugreek and blends of coriander seeds and dry red chili together with the use of  ginger, garlic, saffron and lots of fresh herbs.
We will learn how to understand the slight yet important differences between Pakistani and Indian cuisine and  your core store cupboard essentials to ensure you always have the main spices at hand to create any sub-continental dish!
Amongst other dishes, on the day you will learn how to make quick home-made naan breads with whole spice toppings. You will also learn  Pakistani style starters and chutneys using coconut, dates, coriander and herbs as well as a beetroot and jaggery raita which will accompany a seasonal vegetable ‘Shahi’ biryani. Additionally you will learn how to prepare a quick seasonal vegetable bhujia to enjoy with the naan breads.
We will finish off with a warming Mughal-style ‘Shahi Tukra’ bread pudding infused with saffron and topped with pistachios and almonds and a cup of mint aniseed tea or rose water lassi.
The day will be a mixture of demonstration and hands on.
We will taste and eat as we go along and end the day with a large Pakistani Feast.
Time: 10-4
Price: £145

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