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A Taste of Spring in Pakistan

Come and join us for another inspiring Pakistani cooking day with Sumayya Jamil, best known as Pukka Paki.  
Pakistani cuisine is usually synonymous with meat based dishes however unknown to most, it is adorned with some delicate, fragrant and fresh vegetarian dishes as well as some rich robust ones, all developed with the fusion of flavours of the Mughal cuisine, Indian immigration into Pakistan and local regional cuisine - all that has created a so called South Asian fusion cuisine, that describes Pakistani food best. Our vegetarian dishes are made always using seasonal vegetables, enhanced always with the use of ginger, garlic and onions, with spice accents of cumin, coriander, carom seeds, aniseed and nigella. Mughal influences means the use of saffron, pistachio and cardamom is usual and the simplicity of regional food means cooking in ghee and the use of fresh herbs such as fenugreek, coriander and mint is in abundance - not to mention lots of green chilli. Though people are surprised that in some parts of Pakistan, chilli is never used! 
On the day we will will learn how to understand the slight yet important differences between Pakistani and Indian cuisine and  your core store cupboard essentials to ensure you always have the main spices at hand to create any sub-continental dish! We will be making some Spring inspired  fresh and seasonal Pakistani delights that will leave you surprised how light, fragrant and simple the flavours are.
Sumayya’s Spring Menu
Spicy Red onion, mint and coriander samosas with a tamarind and pomegranate dip
Apple Pakoras with chaat masala
Turmeric and cumin pullao with baby potatoes, garnished with dill 
Rose Petal garam masala  grilled paneer
Spicy potato and egg curry with onions and cumin
Cucumber, Cumin and Mint Raita
Sweet Vermicelli pudding with saffron, nuts and rose water
The day will be a mixture of demonstration and hands on.
We will taste and eat as we go along and end the day with a large Pakistani Feast with recipes to take home.
Time: 10-4
Price: £145

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