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A Taste of Persia Evening Workshop with Simi Rezai

Persian food is a something of a mystery to most in the West, yet it is perhaps the oldest culinary tradition of all. Even in the centuries following the passing of the Persian Empire, the Mongol invasion and a strategic position on the Silk Route allowed for a continuing exchange of goods, cultures and cuisines.
Simi Rezai is an Iranian from the Azerbaijan region of Iran (in the North West) who lives in Bath. She visits her family in Iran regularly and is able to come back with new ingredients and ideas for her classes. She is an active member of Bath Organic Group and is able to use seasonal vegetables, fruits and herbs in her classes. She is an experienced teacher and has a passion for all food. She enjoys exchanging food knowledge and particularly teaching the authentic food of Iran.
During this evening workshop, you will learn how to prepare authentic and representative dishes of Persia :
- Kashk-e-Bademjan, an exquisite aubergine dip made with whey with traditional flatbreads.
- Adas Polow, saffron steamed rice with lentils, sultanas, and dates.
- Khagineh, a sweet saffron omelette.
Simi will also bring with her ‘sweetmeats’ from Iran, such as dried mulberries, pistachio studded noughat & saffron scented sugar chips to nibble on.
This evening is a combination of demonstration and hands on work and we will finish the session by eating all that we have made, accompanied   by delicious organic wines or soft drinks. At the end of the evening   you will be given a folder of all the recipes we have made to take home.
from 6.30pm till 9pm
£45 per person

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This is a past course but let us know if you'd be interested in this course in the future.