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Nut only for vegeterian but for everyone who wanted to leave longer, healthier And happier. Everyone who struggles with incorporating healthy balanced meals info A series of classes covering each aspect of nutrition (staple diet). Promoting nutritious diet consisting of natural plant foods & good grass fed organic animal produce as our super power foods within a busy lifestyle for all the family. Diet Which will provide us with good energy and lots of nutrients and help us to get fitter and more energised (for a winter time). Each class will cover a specific topic related to a way of eating. Making it easier to step on to a new way of eating and stay on that route; the route of wellness and happiness, physical & mental wellbeing. Healthy nutritious comfort super foods which will help us to fight winter mood swings and give us a happy state of mind,. During Each class you're going to learn how to make healthy nutritious meals to help you go through a busy day - breakfast , lunch and dinner + a healthy snack & dessert

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CLASS 1 Starting of with the introduction to a healthy lifestyle is going to cover the principles of a healthy diet: the definition & meaning of two simple but very often misinterpreted words- food & diet; you going to learn the basics of healthy balanced diet, , introducing you to the kingdom of nutrients & other essential for our daily diet nutritional components, crucial for our health, Dietary factors affecting our physical and mental wellbeing

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This is a past course but let us know if you'd be interested in this course in the future.