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Festive Vegetarian Christmas Mains

What makes the perfect centrepiece for a vegetarian Christmas dinner? We test new recipes every year, and our answer is always changing. As you'll see below, we love pies, or anything wrapped in pastry - they're easy to make ahead, easy to transport, and perfect for feeding a crowd. We also love to incorporate other flavours from around the world. Don't be shy about shirking the traditional and taking inspiration from Morrocco or India for your vegetarian Christmas dinner. Such cuisines offer inspiration for celebration dishes that are inherently vegetarian or vegan, and can elevate your plate from an assortment of boring roasted veg to something truly special and exotic. Here are a few of our favourite Christmas recipes this year, most of which can easily be made vegan:

Mushroom, Ale and Celeriac Pie: It's worth making this pie ahead as the filling tastes even better the next day. This recipe is vegan when made with vegan puff pastry.

Christmas squash pithivier

Christmas Squash Pithivier: This gorgeous vegetarian Christmas main dish is filled with brandied mushrooms, greens and cranberry chestnut stuffing. The stuffing also doubles as a side dish, and you can make stuffing balls with the remaining mixture.

Vegetarian festive bastilla

Festive Bastilla: This festive dish is our vegetarian version of the Moroccan pie which traditionally is made of pigeon. You can serve it as one large coiled pie or make individual pies (we love the coiled effect!).

Vegetarian Christmas Wellington

Christmas Wellington: This recipe is our take on a classic Wellington using tasty mushrooms and pearl barley, as well as a delicious, light pastry that is much easier to make than puff pastry (and healthier too).

Celeriac, Leek, Chestnut, and Cranberry Pie

Celeriac, Leek, Chestnut, and Cranberry Pie: This pie combines some of our favourite seasonal flavours and when you slice into it, has the most stunning cross section. You can easily make this pie vegan by using a butter substitute for the pastry (the filling is already vegan, unless you add one of our optional extras like cheese or cream).

Vegetarian Tagine with Fennel, New Potato and Green Olives

Vegetarian Tagine with Fennel, New Potato and Green Olives: Not your usual Christmas fair but most certainly a celebration dish that looks beautiful on the table. It's a great way to celebrate the best seasonal winter vegetables, such as squash, sweet potato, and carrots, but feel free to get creative with whatever vegetables you have to hand!

If you're in charge of the feast this year, you might also want to take a look at Rachel's top holiday tips and recipes:

We also have some fabulous Christmas cookery classes that are full of good cheer and great ideas!

What are you serving for your veggie Christmas main?

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