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13 Rice Recipes for National Rice Week!

We couldn't let National Rice Week go unmarked here on the Demuths Cookery School Blog - rice is fundamental to so many fabulous dishes! From Risotto and Paella to Sushi and Vedgeree, rice is versatile, nutritious and delicious. Whether you're using long grain or short grain, white, black or brown, rice is just one of those ingredients no pantry cupboard should be without!

Rice forms the staple diet of about half the world's population. There are 40 000 varieties of rice, which is a grass seed eaten as a cereal grain, but only a fraction of those are grown for food! In the UK we eat approximately 4.4kg of rice each year which is a puny amount compared with the consumption of between 40 - 60kg per person in some Asian countries!* We decided to put together a list of some of our favourite rice recipes to show just how versatile it is, some are our own and some have been shared by some of our favourite food bloggers!

  • Vedgeree (pictured above) - the vegetarian version of Kedgeree, adapted from the Indian dish Khichari and traditionally made with rice and lentils. Our utterly delicious vegetarian version is made with basmati rice, topped with hard boiled eggs and flaked almonds.

  • Southern French Stuffed Tomatoes - Rice makes an excellent base for a variety of stuffing mixtures. Here Carmargue red rice is combined with herbs and mushrooms and used to stuff juicy red tomatoes.

Picture by Rob Wicks of Eat Pictures.

  • Black Beans and Rice - beans and rice are a marriage made in heaven - our recipe is a delicious alternative to rice 'n' peas.

Picture by Rob Wicks of Eat Pictures.

  • Paella with Samphire - there's not much better than a group of friends, on a sunny terrace, sharing a large paella! We're still clinging on to the last whisps of summer and this recipe can make us believe it is still August!

Some of our favourite food bloggers have kindly shared their favourite vegetarian and vegan rice recipes with us in honour of National Rice Week, which one would you cook up first?

Warm Rice and Quinoa Salad with Pan Fried Tofu from Fab Food 4 All

Mediterranean Stuffed Romano Peppers from Natural Kitchen Adventures

Mozzarella Stuffed Mushroom Arancini from Foodie Quine

Crispy Tofu Rice Bowl from The Hedgecombers

Spinach and Rice Soup from Gingey Bites

Red Carmargue Wild Rice and Sprouted Moong Bean Salad from Simply Sensational Food

Mexican Bean Rice with Salsa and Guacamole from Nadia's Healthy Kitchen

Sweet and Sour Cabbage and Tomato Soup with Rice from Family Friends Food

Courgette, Leek and Herb Risotto Cake from Thinly Spread

We hope you find something to inspire you in our selection of 13 Vegetarian and Vegan Rice Dishes for National Rice Week! Have you got one of your own to add?

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*Rice Facts sourced from The Rice Association

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