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Food Photography Course with Rob Wicks

Demuths recently welcomed Rob Wicks of Eat Pictures to teach his Food Photography workshop. This course recap was written by the students who attended, and includes their favourite photographs from the day.

The standard of food photography is ever-increasing in “mouth-watering” content, and with help of social media, particularly Instagram, you have to have exceptionally high quality photos to stand out from the crowd.

Luckily we had Rob’s knowledge and expertise to help us do just that.

All equipped with DSLRs, laptops and smartphones, and varying levels of experience, we were ready to begin.

The day started with taking photographs of beautifully fresh produce including artichoke, rainbow chard, fennel and asparagus.

After climbing on the furniture and lying on the floor in search of the perfect picture, we took a break from snapping to review our photos, and discuss how they could be improved.

Next up was taking some cooking action shots of Rachel making kim-bap, which are Korean-style sushi, and a lovely spring vegetable frittata, before all sitting down to enjoy the lunch. We started with the kim-bap with a hot chilli sauce, then spring vegetable frittata with patasas bravas, basil pesto, roasted peppers, artichoke and fennel with a big asparagus salad. This was followed by local strawberries, with maple cocoa yoghurt, and we tried a very photogenic dragon fruit.

Rob then gave us some great insider tips on how to get those Instagram pictures looking their best.

We were all surprised by just how much improvement in our photography quality we saw as the day went on. With Rob’s help we were able to take some really fantastic shots.

Read on for feedback and favourite photographs from the students themselves...


“This course is an excellent introduction to food photography. A really useful and relaxed way to spend the day. Delicious food too!”

“I will use what I have learnt to photograph my cooking for daily uploads to Instagram for my catering business.”


“A very enjoyable day – learnt a lot and plenty of good tips to put into practice. Plus the food was excellent!”

“I will use what I have learnt and take photos for my wife’s magazine, the Taster Magazine.”


“Very useful, expanding a lot on the little knowledge I have of food photography. Not overcomplicated tips and tricks, but helpful facts that can be executed for me everyday. Really enjoyed it!”

“I will take more time photographing food, and use lighting to my advantage more. Also start using a camera more rather than just my phone.”


“Loved it! Learned loads, had fun and am feeling inspired to try at home.”

“I will use what I have learnt for my blogging & Instagram.”


“A very enjoyable and informative day.”

“I learnt a lot of tips that will be easy to put into practise.”


“It was great to learn from someone as skilled and knowledgeable as Rob – the day was interesting and a lot of fun.”

“I just need to not be lazy and get my camera out instead of always reaching for my phone.”

For more images from the day, check out #demuthsphotoworkshop17 on Twitter or have a look at our photoset on Flickr. And if you're interested in learning food photography from Rob Wicks, keep an eye on our course calendar for more food photography courses coming soon.

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