Sustainability & Enviromental Policy

We believe the best way that we as a company and as individuals can help look after the environment is to eat a vegan plant-based diet.

We are opposed to the exploitation of animals.

We promote healthy eating.

All our ingredients are 100% vegan.

We source non-GM products.

Paperwork, and leaflets are printed on FSC accredited or recycled paper.

Carrier bags and take away boxes are made from recycled paper.

We support Fair trade, sustainable, recycled, organic and eco friendly products.

We choose to buy from local producers, this helps to cut down on food miles and reduces carbon emissions.

We train all our staff in energy and water conservation.

We save power by turning off when not needed. Our light bulbs are all energy efficient as is most of our heating.

We save water by not letting it run unnecessarily and our water is metered.

We recycle as much waste as BANES will collect. This includes cardboard, paper, glass, metal and some types of plastic.

Demuths Cookery School is in the centre of town so our students can get to us easily without having to drive.

Staff that live in Bath walk or bike to work.

We encourage people to travel by public transport and run a 2 for1 for weekday day classes with Great Western Trains.

Food Sourcing Policy

Our aim is to provide all our students with high quality, seasonal and ethically sourced ingredients to enhance their experience at the cookery school.

We encourage students to use sustainable ingredients and we provide information on sourcing.

As part of our teaching we provide information about the ingredients we use, offer advice on seasonal variations and include information in our recipe packs about our suppliers. We have a selection of the more unusual ingredients for purchase in the school.

We do inform students if ingredients, spices etc can be bought at supermarkets, but we encourage then to source via local independent shops.

We run foraging classes and walks, led by a qualified medicinal herbalist and we do use foraged ingredients in classes, as well as herbs grown in our own gardens.

As far as is possible, all fresh ingredients, dry ingredients, dairy, herbs, bread are purchased from local suppliers. By locally we mean using suppliers within a 30 mile radius and as far as is possible, their sourcing policy is local and ethical.

We teach world food dishes and acknowledge that some ingredients and spices we use create air miles, may not be organic and may not be ethically sourced. We strive to maintain awareness of where our ingredients come from and, if possible, to find more appropriate sources.