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Demuths Vegan Diploma
Demuths Vegan Diploma
Demuths Vegan Diploma
Demuths Vegan Diploma
Demuths Vegan Diploma

Suitable for those with good cooking skills, and some understanding of vegan ingredients. We will be teaching spice techniques for flavouring vegetables, grains, tofu and tempeh, technical baking techniques for breads, pastries, cakes and desserts. Home made pasta dough and shaping and stuffing pasta. We will cover nutritional information, planning balanced meals and presentation of dishes.

Course Details

What is the Demuths VEGAN  Diploma and who is it for?

The Demuths VEGAN Diploma is a specially designed course for those who wish to deepen their technical cooking knowledge and perfect their skills. We cover all aspects of VEGAN cooking, aligning to the national qualifications offered by catering colleges, as well as offering our specialized in-depth knowledge of world cuisines. You will need some basic cooking skills to attend or to have completed our foundation certificate course

How is it run?

This modular course covers a full range of techniques required to be an accomplished chef. It is taught over a 2 week period and repeats throughout the year. 

You will receive a Demuths Diploma certificate after both weeks have been successfully completed.

Week 1

Module 1 - stocks, soups, sauces & pasta

Module 2 - grains, legumes, vegetables

Week 2

Module 3 - bread

Module 4 - pastry, desserts and cakes

  • For non-professionals……
  • For non-professionals, we aim to increase your confidence with the more technical aspects of cooking and baking, as well as broadening your horizons of world flavours. The diploma can be used to help you launch yourself into the catering world, to help you start your own culinary business or simply to help you to expand your home cooking skills.
  • For professionals……
  • For chef development, this course will suit those who wish to learn about VEGAN cooking.  We can provide ideas and inspiration for developing VEGAN menus, introducing world flavours and ingredients, showing you how to make the most of them to produce interesting VEGAN savoury and sweet dishes, that will appeal to all diners.
  • Course details
  • The course is limited to 8 people.
  • The class size is kept small to maximize your personal interaction with the tutor and to ensure you have as much hands on experience as possible. You will be working individually and in a pair, along with some demonstrations from our chef tutor.
  • On each day you will prepare and cook 6 to 8 recipes depending on the complexity of the day. You will receive an explanation or demonstration of the technique of each dish and then be expected to complete the dish successfully within an allotted time, with support from the tutor.
  • You will receive feedback from our chef tutor and official sign-off on each successfully completed module. You will receive a workbook of recipes including a glossary and all technical information covered in each module.
  • You will eat some of what you make for lunch and be able to take home the rest.

Course Dates

Week 1: Monday 18th January until Friday 22nd January 2016

Week 2: Monday 25th January until Friday 29th January 2016

Week 1: Monday 4th July until Friday 8th July 2016

Week 2: Monday 11th July until Friday 15th July 2016

General information……

Cost of course- £1,875 for full diploma

 We do operate a payment instalment plan and it is possible to split the weeks.

Times: Monday-Friday 9.30AM - 5PM

Book online for the diploma or if you wish to be part of our instalment plan please email or call 01225 427938

Register your interest and we will send you detailed information on the course.

Not only have my cooking skills improved hugely, I have learned so much that I never knew I didn't know, and I am so grateful for the warmth, good humour and patience you have in abundance.

Book Online

Price: £1,875.00

Total cost - £1875 for full diploma (10 days duration)

Course Dates

Week 1: Monday 18th January until Friday 22nd January 2016

Week 2: Monday 25th January until Friday 29th January 2016

Dietary Suitability
  • Vegan
  • Dairy Free

This Vegan Higher Diploma is 100% VEGAN and suitable for dairy & egg-free diets. For all other special dietary requirements please let us know so that we can plan accordingly.

Skill Level
  •   Intermediate